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achieving goals and increasing efficiency in the work of our customers

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will help to analyze the state of various industries, evaluate the activities of partners and competitors

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allow efficient use of rolling stock by monitoring the idle time of wagons under cargo operations.

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allow you to upload information online to any system, in different formats and types.

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allow to control the execution of the rolling stock traffic schedule, allowing our clients to plan the arrival of cargo at the loading or unloading station, to inform the recipients about the movement of finished products.

Our IT development team

databases and application programming, specialists in the field of cargo transportation, is able to offer optimal products and solutions, individually for each client.


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for the following destinations

rolling stock


Operational deployment of loaded/empty wagons/containers sent with finished products


Operational deployment and approach of other wagons/containers


Structuring by different groups: Cars on the way/repair Under loading/unloading Approaches far near, etc.

Timber industry complex


Operational deployment of loaded/empty timber wagons


Full control of the movement of raw materials (products) from the supplier to the buyer.


Planning of shipments and deliveries


Notifications, management and reporting


Integration with third-party programs: 1C, ETRAN, SAP, LesEGAIS


Warehouse accounting (receipt at the warehouse, storage, inventory)

Rent of servers and equipment

Software development

according to the customer's parameters

Our developments

will analyze

the entire supply chain from the consignor to the consignee

identify problem areas

improve work efficiency

reduce logistics costs


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developed and implemented

The system was created on the basis of the requirements of the owners and operators of the rolling stock for the processes of accounting, management of the car fleet at the disposal of the company, as well as the requirements for accounting for the commercial component of the main activity, CIS TK allows you to reduce the cost of automating companies by selecting only the necessary components. As part of the system support, there is a regular release of updated versions of the ACS TK with changes.

Functionality and main features of CIS TK:

It serves as a basis for continuous monitoring of the efficiency of the rolling stock.

Allows you to control business processes and make management decisions in real time.

Upload information in any scheduled mode, taking into account the continuous list of operations performed with the car.

Allows you to generate various forms of reports, analyzes, certificates, both in manual and in the regulations modes.

Automation of accounting of the transportation process:

It serves as a basis for continuous monitoring of the efficiency of the rolling stock.

System Capabilities:

  • Location and tracking
  • Repairs
  • Mutual settlements and accounting
  • Wagons and provision of rolling stock
  • Loading and execution of the plan
  • Purpose:

    The Forest Trade Management corporate information system is designed primarily for trading companies that provide services for the supply and transportation of round timber, as well as products such as sawn timber, wood chips, etc. The system contains a number of distinctive and unique features and capabilities that allow you to take into account various contract options, such as "sale at the buyer's gate" or "sale at the sender's warehouse"

    One of the key features of the system is the financial block that allows to take into account the "marginality" of the transaction, taking into account the actual transport costs incurred (railway tariff, forwarder's commission rates for provision, costs for excess use of the f / s), as well as automated transfer from external sources and downloading data on transport unit (railway rolling stock).

    System functionality:

  • Suppliers
  • Working with suppliers maintaining and accounting for rolling stock. Wholesale.

  • Buyers
  • Work with clients maintaining and accounting of contracts and applications from buyers. Establishment of quotas, as well as control and implementation of the declared quotas.

  • Finance
  • Pricing and margins. Accounting for financial flows of income and costs.

  • Marketing
  • Analytics of the company. Performance of indicators.

  • Reporting
  • Formation in an automated mode of accounting for wagons allocated for loading, under loading, as well as loaded and sent to the address of the buyers of goods.

  • Cash and documents
  • Keeping records of non-cash funds and ensures the formation of the necessary payment documents: incoming and outgoing cash orders, incoming and outgoing payment orders.




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